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Nina Tran is a wife to a supportive husband and a full-time mom to 3 energetic children in Los Angeles, California.  She has been practicing a promoting calligraphy and penmanship since 2015.  While she will always be a student, she is passionate and enthusiastic about sharing and teaching the pointed pen.  Her main focus of study are Spencerian and Copperplate script, as well as Gothicized Italic.

 When not helping with homework, having tea parties, or tending to housework,  she can be found with a pen in hand at her workspace, knitting, or photographing succulents.

The Journey

Her pointed pen journey began in December 2014 when a friend encouraged her to pick up a pointed pen.  After several weeks of attempting and failing miserably at Modern Calligraphy, she discovered Copperplate script by Dr. Gail Madalag, who then introduced her to Dr. Joseph Vitolo on Instagram.  Lured and fascinated by the rules and structures of the script, Nina became obsessed.  It wasn’t long before the casual interest in pointed pen calligraphy turned into a fiery passion.  Hey, it could happen to anyone.

In 2016, she dedicated most of her time to teaching Copperplate Script in Los Angeles and learning Spencerian Script with Michael Sull at Ink.Academy.

On a Mission

Her goal is to inspire and encourage you to pick up a pointed pen and to help you on your calligraphy journey by sharing and teaching what she’s learned.  You are not alone.

“Start small and start immediately.” ~ Cal Newport, Deep Work

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