Hello and welcome!

I’m Nina Tran, a Copperplate and Spencerian script enthusiast in Los Angeles, CA.

A Bit About Me

I’m a wife, and a full-time mom to three energetic children.  When I’m not helping with homework, having tea parties, changing diapers, or tending to housework, I can be found with a pen in hand in my workspace or photographing the succulents in my balcony garden.

My Journey

I’ve always had a love for calligraphy.  There’s just something captivating and alluring about the fine details of written script.  Maybe it’s the way the meaning of beautifully written words seem to linger and resonate.

My journey began in December 2014.  I was inspired to pick up my first pointed pen by a friend who was practicing modern calligraphy.  Several weeks later, I discovered Copperplate script.  I fell in love in an instant with the structure and the rules, the hairlines and the shades, and the oval form concepts.  Moreover, I developed a deep love and respect for the supportive and inspirational people in the calligraphy community on Instagram.  Before I knew it, a casual interest had turned into a fiery passion.

My Mission

My goal is to inspire you to pick up a pointed pen and to help you along your calligraphy journey by sharing what I know and my personal experiences.  I hope that you’ll find the answers that you seek here so that you can practice calligraphy with diligence and confidence.

Happy writing!


Your Pointed Pen Companion,

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