[Website Under Construction]

I’ve been having issues with my website and am now working overtime to rebuild it from the ground up.  Sometimes, starting over is the only solution.

Blogs, tutorials, guidesheets and more coming soon!

In the meantime, you can find me on Instagram: @anintran.

Thanks for your patience <3.


Nina Tran

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  1. Your blog is really useful to me as a beginner of copperplate. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing. Can’t wait to see your newly revived blog.

    1. Thank you so much for your support, Kwan <3. I'm working super hard to get things back up and running. Are there any particular topics you would like me to cover in the future regarding Copperplate, Spencerian, or pointed pen calligraphy in general?

      Thank you <3.


      1. So happy to hear from you, Nina:D
        I think the content you wrote in the past are very good already and I enjoy watching your writing on Instagram. Right now, I’m still practicising the basics so sometimes I do get confused when practicing ovals and loop to make them look good but I’m sure anything shared by you are good <3