Gothicized Italic

Free printable PDFs for Gothicized Italic practice (for personal use only)

Pilot Parallel Pens

2.4mm Light
2.4mm Bold

3.8mm Light
3.8mm Bold

Speedball Nibs

C-1 (4mm) Light
C-1 (4mm) Bold

C-0 (5mm) Light
C-0 (5mm) Bold

How to use these guide sheets:

Light Sheets

The light guidesheets are best for printing directly onto your favorite practice paper.  Write directly on the printed sheet!

I love using HP Premium Choice Laserjet paper from Amazon.

Bold Sheets

The bold guidesheets are best printed and then slipped underneath your favorite practice paper.  Use one printed sheet over and over again!

Borden & Riley’s Boris Layout Pad and Rhodia Blank pads are a couple of my favorite practice papers from John Neal Books and Paper Ink Arts.