Copperplate Bootcamp


I’m so excited to do this Copperplate bootcamp with you!

You ready?  Let’s go!

What is a Copperplate Bootcamp?

This particular Copperplate Bootcamp is a 7-day Instagram challenge.

Everyday for 7 days, we will study, practice, and post* the challenge of the day (see list below).

*Posting is optional.  If you post, be sure to include the #anintran_bootcamp and #copperplatebootcamp tags!

When does it start?

Tuesday, May 1 through May 7, 2018!

This is also a personal challenge, so if you miss the “live” challenge dates, don’t worry.  You can start anytime; however, the corresponding live demos will not be saved.

What is the goal of this challenge?

This is a great time to reflect on your goals?  What do you hope to get out of this challenge?

Maybe your goal is to simply get started on your Copperplate journey.  Maybe it’s to improve your strokes and form.  Maybe it’s the spur and inspiration you need to get back into practice mode.  Be sure to write it down!

Oftentimes, these challenges have hidden lessons and golden-nugget takeaways that we discover only after we commit and take on the endeavor!

As for me: my personal goal is so get back in “the game” and take you along with me!  I’ve been slacking these past few weeks with practice and I’d simply like to get back the groove of things (daily practice, posts, etc.)

What materials do I need?

Nothin’ fancy.  Just your favorite basic supplies: nibs, pen holder, ink, and paper.  Oh, and other essentials like water, paper towels, scratch paper, etc.

Here’s a list of the materials I’ll be using for this challenge:

How do I participate?

  1. Print out the Copperplate Bootcamp Guide Sheets (you may also use your own guide sheets).
  2. Gather your favorite basic supplies (list above).
  3. Think about your goal(s) for this challenge and write it down.  What do you hope to get out of it?  Why is it important to you?
  4. Set a time and space for showing up everyday — be consistent, if possible.
  5. Watch/replay the live streams every day on Instagram from April 30-May 7.  Note: the live streams expire after 24 hours.
  6. (Optional) Post your bootcamp practice and use the tag #anintran_bootcamp and #copperplatebootcamp
  7. HAVE FUN!

What’s the schedule for the challenge?

Day 0 | April 30

Reflect: Although we’ll have an objective for each day, it’s important to reflect on your own personal goal before beginning the challenge.  What do you hope to gain from this challenge?  What would you like to improve?

Review the basic lowercase strokes.

Write your favorite pangram.

Day 1 | May 1

Drill: aaaaaa…
Goal: bottom turn consistency (ovals and underturns)

Day 2 | May 2

Drill: nnn…
Goal: consistent top and bottom turns (compound curves)

Day 3 | May 3

Drill: itititit…
Goal: bottom turn consistency (underturns and extended underturns)

Day 4 | May 4

Drill: pppppp…
Goal: shade spacing consistency

Day 5 | May 5

Drill: hjhjhj…
Goal: shade spacing and loop consistency

Day 6 | May 6

Drill: luauluauluau
Goal: bottom turn and shade spacing consistency

Day 7 | May 7

Write: your favorite pangram (the same one you wrote on Day 0)
Goal: apply all of the drills we practiced all week!

THANK YOU for joining the challenge!

I can’t wait to hear about your goals for this week and all the hard work you put into the daily drills.  Let’s do this!!!

Your Copperplate Companion,